Your kids might not always love dinosaurs and princesses, but while they’re still young, it’s nice sometimes to engage their sense of wonder. Young children have wild imaginations, and when their bedroom reflects that, it encourages creativity that could last into their teen years and even adulthood. It can also just be fun to let go of adult design conventions and give your child the playful bedroom of their dreams.

The perfect design depends on your child, since not all children are the same, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Bright Colors and Funky Patterns

“Neutral tones” and soft pastels are all well and good for the grown-ups, but kids live in a world of vibrant color. Their room should be full of bright blues, greens, reds and yellows. Don’t shy away from funky patterns, either. Leopard spotted or zebra striped wallpaper is a great idea for a kid who loves animals. Consider incorporating the colors of their favorite toys or their favorite cartoons, for that added sense of familiarity.

Themed Furniture

A bed that looks like a race car or a princess castle or a tree house. A desk that looks like a shark. Chairs that look like cats or bright red mushrooms. Kids love furniture that makes them feel like they’re somewhere else, on a big adventure. The more fun, thematic elements you can find and add to their room, the more excited they’ll be. Of course, these pieces have to align with your child’s interests or they’ll fall flat, and many parents avoid this option because they’ll only have to replace that furniture when the child grows out of it. But if you want to give them something to encourage their playfulness for now, themed furniture can be perfect.

Wall Murals

You’ve no doubt seen this kind of thing on social media: a parent paints scenes from their child’s favorite movie on the walls. Or maybe it’s a lush forest or a ceiling with view of the stars. This isn’t something that everyone can do, but artistic parents love to surprise their kids by turning one wall into a vibrant scene, whether of sea, sky, or land. And kids love to imagine they’ve stepped into the world painted into the wall mural.

Ask Your Kids

If you want to really encourage your child’s imagination, use that imagination as your inspiration for the room. Tell them you want to decorate their room and ask them what they want to see. What do they like? What do they want to do? Obviously, you only want to give them so much design sway to your kids, but even at a young age, they’ll feel excited that you took their input, and the room design will be that much more meaningful to them when it’s filled with their favorite things.

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