A baby brings so many changes to your home, most of them good. You have a new life, a new member of the family, and a source of joy and love. You also have to change the way you live almost completely and that includes the layout of your home. While your baby’s not likely to explore much as a newborn, you want to start babyproofing your home before they start to crawl. And it’s more than installing childproof locks. Here are a few things to consider when babyproofing your home.

Babyproofing Essentials

Some babyproofing is situational, depending largely on your home. However, there are a few essentials that are necessary for just about every home. Baby gates should be installed at the steps, and any outlets should have a plastic cover. Childproof locks on cabinets, especially those with potentially harmful storage. If you have any paint or potentially hazardous materials, keep them high on a shelf in an airtight container. Batteries, too, need to be kept out of reach as they can leak hazardous materials. Radiators should be covered.

The Bathtub

Once your baby is big enough to take a bath in the bathtub, you’ll have to take precautions to make sure that it’s safe for them. Keep the water warm but not hot, and just high enough to cover their legs. Use a bathtub ring to keep them in place and never leave them unsupervised in the bathtub. You’ll also want to make sure you have soft covers for the bathtub spout and knobs to keep the baby from hitting their head.

Living Rooms

Your furniture may be comfortable for you, but a landmine for your baby once they start crawling and walking. To keep things safe, cover the corners of your coffee tables with cushioned guards. Move furniture away from windows so that your baby doesn’t get the curious notion to climb up the back of the couch and to the window. Conversely, you’ll want to ensure bookshelves are mounted to the walls so they can’t fall over. Tape electrical cords down with electrical tape and use cordless blinds to keep baby from getting caught on the cord.


You probably designed the nursery with babyproofing in mind, but you can never be too safe in this room. The crib should be free of pillows and blankets that could cause the baby to suffocate and those stuffed animals you got at the baby shower can wait until the toddler years. Keep a carpet or rug below the crib in case of failed escapes and falls. Toy boxes should be an open bin, as lids can trap a baby’s head.

Having a baby changes the way you look at your furniture and all other aspects of your home. Remember that your baby is new to this world and doesn’t have those same common sense skills that adults do. If you need new, safer furniture to make room for baby, check out Furniture Shack in Bryan, Texas or contact us online.