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At the end of a long day or on a lazy weekend morning, everyone appreciates their own comfortable bed. People may think the only choice they have when purchasing a bed is the size: twin, full, queen or king. However, there are so many more options of style and structure to be considered.

Full beds are comfortable for people of any age and come in a wide variety of wood finishes, other materials and styles. Some can be purchased as part of a bedroom set that also includes dressers or other furniture pieces. Other people prefer twin beds, which are perfect for singles, University students and kids.

Twin beds come in an even wider assortment of styles and shapes than other sized beds. Futons, which convert from a flat bed into a small couch, are popular with people who live in the dorms and small apartments. Other versatile options include loft beds or platform beds under which you can place a desk, cabinets, chest of drawers or even a futon or couch. These save a lot of floor space in tight quarters.

People who need to share rooms will appreciate the space-saving bunk beds. These are very popular in multi-child families and in dorm rooms as well. A captain’s or cargo bed are raised up slightly atop large drawers and cabinets that fill all the space underneath the mattress. This offers excellent storage solution for small homes or kids with a lot of stuff.

No matter what type of bed you choose, carefully looking at all the different types of mattresses will help you choose the right one to give you a good night sleep. Some options include pillow top mattresses, flat ones, box brings for underneath and high-tech memory foam.