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3 Ways to Save on Furniture

One of the most dreaded parts of moving into a new home is furnishing. It’s a pain moving the furniture into your home, and it’s an even bigger pain on your wallet to buy furniture full price at a name brand furniture store. Fortunately, in today’s society there are options. You may be able to furnish your home for […]

Why Choose a Sectional?

When it’s time to furnish your living room, you have a number of options. Loveseats, sofas, chairs, chaises…and of course, sectionals. The sheer size of sectionals can lead homeowners to questions like “How is this going to fit in my room?” or “How will we get this in the door?” However, sectionals can often be the perfect solution to […]

Furnishing Your Outdoor Space

We put a lot of effort into furnishing the interior of the home, which makes sense. You’ll spend most of your time inside your home. It’s important to feel comfortable there even if you don’t feel comfortable outside. But how much effort do you put into furnishing your outdoor space? Whether it’s your front porch, your patio, or your […]

Creating a Rustic Design on a Budget

Few design themes can help your home feel more like home than a rustic design. The warm, earthy tones and textures can’t help but soothe homeowners after a long day. It’s no mystery why this design style is so popular throughout central Texas. But you don’t have thousands upon thousands to spend on home decor. You’re on a budget. […]

Minimalism is Out: What’s Back In?

For several years, minimalism seemed to reign supreme when it came to mainstream home decor trends. The less furniture, the more open the space, the better. Minimalism meant minimal color, minimal decor, minimal use of space. It could be found in high rise apartments or ranch style houses. But in the past few years, minimalism has been slowly fading […]

3 Chairs You’ll Have In Your First Apartment

Often, the first home you rent or buy when you move out of your parents’ house or the college dorm is a little on the cramped side. You have to make due with a smaller amount of space, but since it’s usually you and maybe a roommate or two at first, you don’t need as much space as you […]

3 Mistakes People Make When Furnishing Their Homes

There are so many things to consider when furnishing your home: what can you afford? What do you have room for? How difficult will the furniture be to move into your home and will it fit the design of the rest of the room? With so much on your mind, it can be too easy to let simple things […]

Furniture Design Trends for Millennials

Every generation has different tastes and trends. With millennials graduating college and grad school, moving into and out of tiny rented apartments and even buying their first houses, the interior design and furniture industries are turning towards millennials to get an idea of the leading trends for the next few years.

Millennials pride themselves on strong personal senses of style. […]

The Perfect Furniture for Entertaining

With the holidays finally out of the way, even the most introverted homeowner might be ready to have a little bit of alone time. But if you love to entertain, it won’t be long until the hosting bug bites again. This past holiday season, you may have become painfully aware of certain things in your home that don’t work […]

Making Room for the Growing Family

An addition to your family is always a happy occasion, though it can be something of a challenge if you live in a home for three people and suddenly find a fourth on the way. You may find yourself scratching your head and frantically rearranging. Where are you going to fit a nursery? When the baby becomes a toddler, […]