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Starting Your Own Terrarium

You have the room and you have the furniture, but you just need that extra something to make your living space really stand out. Depending on your taste in accessories, a terrarium could be the perfect accent to liven up a newly decorated room. A terrarium is a contained indoor tropical garden, and you don’t even have to have […]

All About Tufted Furniture

With the decline of minimalism, tufted furniture seems to be making a comeback. Plush, classic, and comfortable, tufted furniture just feels like home, albeit a more sophisticated, formal home at times. What is it? If you’ve ever seen a couch or a chair with buttons pinning down the upholstery and creating a diamond pattern, you’ve seen tufted furniture. The […]

4 Tips to Make Your Small Space Feel Larger

You can’t always control how much space you have in a given room. Sometimes to get all the other elements of your dream home, you have to compromise with a smaller living room, bedroom, or office. But you can control what you do with that small space. With little cheats, you can give the room the illusion of space, […]

5 Tips For Furniture Shopping in Bryan

Furniture shopping may seem a daunting task at the start, especially when you have a whole room to furnish. There are certainly things that can go wrong, furniture that looked good in the store but doesn’t fit into your room or with your lifestyle, furniture that isn’t as high quality as it looked on display. But keep your head […]

Using Your Tax Refund to Buy New Furniture

While most people meet tax season with a sense of dread, they often leave it quite happily. Why? Because they know their tax refund is coming. In fact, many taxpayers will spend the year planning exactly what to do with their tax return. You might go on a trip, or buy treat yourself to an expensive spa day that […]

Traditional Furniture vs. Modern Furniture

There are several different styles of furniture, ranging from colonial to art deco to rustic to vintage. But two of the most basic categories are traditional furniture and modern furniture. You don’t have to be a home decorating expert to understand what each of those terms mean: traditional furniture has an older, classic look while modern furniture looks newer […]

How Often Should You Replace Furniture Pieces?

Nothing lasts forever, even your favorite furniture. How do you know when it’s time to replace your old furniture? Just because something is more than a few years old doesn’t mean that it’s past its useful lifespan. Different pieces of furniture have different expiration dates, and even then, it really depends on your personal experience. If it’s not broken, […]

3 Color Schemes That Are a Match Made in Heaven

Color is essential when it comes to your home design, and your furniture is no exception. The color of your furniture should complement the color of the walls and the floor. It should speak to your sense of style.

But when was the last time you saw a room that was all one color? That room probably wouldn’t be a […]

Measure First: The Cardinal Rule of Furniture Shopping

If there’s one thing that’s universally true when shopping for furniture, it’s that you should never just eyeball it. Assuming that furniture will fit because it looks the right size could lead to disastrous — and costly — consequences. Make sure you take these precautions and measurements before you set foot in a furniture store.

Measure the Room Itself
The first […]

Furnishing a Bonus Room

Sometimes you need a little more space in your home. This is where a bonus room comes in handy. A bonus room is a large multipurpose room, and it can serve several different purposes: it can be a playroom, a game room, hobby room, a home cinema, or even a few of the above. Because of its versatile nature, […]