Mid-century modern has made quite a comeback in an era that loves to commemorate the retro. It has all the sharp angles of contemporary design, but with the flair and color of designs past. If you want to make a small space feel large but with its own fun character, mid-century modern is the design style for your home. You can incorporate it in the colors you choose, artwork, and of course, your furniture. Here are a few ideas to start decorating your home in a mid-century modern style.

Use Sharp Contrasts

While contemporary design favors light and airy colors, mid-century modern lives in sharp contrasts that draw and surprise the eye. The contrast of black and white is a classic and gives off a neat, smooth look. Other times, the room might be surrounded in browns or neutral colors with one or two elements of bright neon or red. Contrasting patterns and textures are also popular in mid-century modern styles. You can even have contrasting furniture styles: let’s say a more traditional couch, with odd or modern chairs and tables. It’s that contrast that gives the room the “funky” feeling that made mid-century modern so popular in its prime.

A Strong Presence of Wood

Wood furniture and accents are your bread and butter when it comes to mid-century modern design. Even in more colorful rooms, there’s always the warm look and feel of wood at every corner. This may be wood cabinets or drawers, hardwood floors, or exposed wood beams along the ceiling. Wood tables, and seating with sleek wood frames, are the perfect partner of mid-century modern styles. Some popular types of wood for mid-century modern include: oak, teak, walnut, beech, and rosewood.

Flooded With Light

Lighting is critical for mid-century modern designs. Large, expansive windows let in plenty of natural light and are often a focal point for mid-century modern rooms. But a mid-century modern room can never have enough light, and the lighting inside your home is also important. Some of the boldest, most creative lighting fixtures are designed mid-century modern. Often one light fixture uses more than one bulb and has multiple points of light. Consider a cluster of orbs over your dining room table, or a chandelier hanging over your living room that looks like an exploding star. The funkier your light fixture, the better.

It’s All About Geometry

Mid-century modern designs need clean lines and sharp shapes. That doesn’t mean all shapes should be the same — in fact, that would be frowned upon. It’s a nice effect, and very on trend, to combine more rectangular pieces with round or oval features. But everything should feel precise, exact, and neat. While the rustic design may be all about the character and imperfections of a design, mid-century modern should be streamlined and clean.

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