With the changing colors of the leaves and the mild reprieve before winter, fall is a favorite season for many throughout the United States and elsewhere. While falls in Bryan-College Station are warmer than others, cooler temperatures are on their way, as well as fall designs and decor. You may have already noticed your neighbors’ homes taking on an autumnal look, or even the local stores. But what about your own home? Without making any drastic changes, you can bring a bit of the fall feeling indoors as well as outdoors.


Fall is the season of warm coffee and cocoa. It’s the beginning of the cooler seasons in which most people will be spending more time indoors. As the hot temperatures begin to wane, you can add layers back to your bedding or even your seating in the living room. Break out your favorite throws, and wash your cushy pillows and heavy bedding to prepare for winter. You can also start to light candles or wax melts around the house to add to the cozy ambiance of fall. You can find many lovely fall scents in stores around this time, or even make your own.

Warm Colors

If you need some color inspiration this fall, all you have to do is look outside. Notice the oranges, reds, and yellows of the falling leaves, the deep earthy browns. It’s these warm colors that really thrive in autumn, and you can incorporate them into your home as well. These colors warm us up, no matter what the temperature feels like outside. You probably won’t change all your furniture just for one season, but you can hang an autumnal wreath on the door and inside, maybe get some fall throw pillow covers. Maybe you can add a new stain to your coffee table or add a centerpiece to the dining room table.

Outdoor Furniture

Again, fall is a season in which people spend more time inside than out, which means your outdoor furniture may be left on its own for a time. You can protect it from the elements by covering it in protective cloth or bringing it inside to store until spring. Wash out any cushions with mild soap and smooth and restain any patio tables if need be. You want your outdoor furniture to be in good shape before you retire it for the season, so that you can be sure it’s in good shape when you bring it back out.


Fall is both a season of harvest and the season of Halloween and Thanksgiving. That gives you plenty of opportunity to add decorative pieces to side tables or even along the walls. If you have fall decorations in storage, bring them out now. If not, you can buy new decorations or make DIY decorations. Make your home the spookiest home on the block for Halloween or just emphasize your favorite things about fall in your interior design.

If you’re in need of a new piece of furniture, indoor or outdoor, to really get your home into the fall spirit this year, contact Furniture Shack in Bryan, Texas today or come by our store. We have quality furniture that’s great not just for fall but all year long, at affordable prices.