What spaces in your home are more precious than the spaces where you gather with those you love? Whether you’re looking for an entertaining space, more room for holiday gatherings, or an opportunity to spend more time with family, you need those areas in your home that are designed for togetherness. It might be the dining room, the living room, or even your patio. It could be a room that’s converted into a game room. But what makes a gathering space really work? It’s a combination of a few things.

The Right Flow

Open concept layouts are popular right now for a reason, and often that reason comes down to gathering and togetherness. When you have friends or family over, you want to spend time with them but you also want to be a good host. Often you’re cooking dinner or corralling the kids as well as socializing. It helps to be able to be in the kitchen but still see everything and converse with those in the living room.


Not everyone is blessed with an open concept, but you do want to make sure there’s a clear walking path and enough open space to breathe. Guests, too, don’t want to feel too cramped, so it’s important to be able to have space to move around. Furniture should be along the wall, keeping entrances clear and should be proportioned correctly so no piece takes up more space than it needs.

The Right Ambiance

Different types of gathering spaces require different vibes and atmospheres, but it’s important to set the right mood. This can help your guests feel more comfortable and invited into that gathering space, instead of feeling overcrowded. Living rooms or seating areas should be warm and friendly with accent pieces that speak to your personality and catch the eye of the guests. Dining rooms should feel light and clean. Whether you have a more modern or classic design, good lighting is key to a dining room. Your outdoor patio should enhance your outdoor space, whether it draws attention to a garden or the colors of your sturdy outdoor furniture plays on the colors of the house or yard. The right ambiance will help put everyone in the mood for whatever the gathering might be.

The Right Furniture

Finally, the bread and butter of your gathering spaces. Your furniture should be comfortable as well as stylish. It can help the flow of the room as well as the ambiance. If you need ample seating in your gathering space but want room to move around, consider a sectional that curves around the corner of the room. A large table is key to a dining room or a game room. For an outdoor space, you’ll need sturdy chairs, footrests, or even tables that can stand up to the weather. And most importantly, you don’t want to pay full price for that furniture.


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