Have you ever found almost the perfect furniture piece? Maybe it was a couch that was the wrong color or a chair that wasn’t quite comfortable, but everything else — the design, the price, the size — was perfect for your home. It’s hard to walk away from those pieces, and it can be harder to settle for them, knowing there will always be something a little off about them.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do either if you know how to reupholster furniture from home. It might seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s not so complicated once you learn. At the end of the day, you may even find a new hobby out of it.

What You’ll Need

If you’ve never reupholstered furniture, you’ll need to acquire the right supplies. That includes sturdy upholstering fabric — the thicker the better. A typical couch uses about 13 yards of fabric while a chair uses 7. Next,  you’ll need a staple gun with staples, preferably an electric staple gun. You may need a flathead screwdriver as well as whatever sewing supplies you’d typically use, particularly if you need to join fabric for the project. For many, that’s a sewing machine. If you prefer to sew by hand, it might take longer but will require fewer supplies. You may want pins, cleaning supplies, extra padding, buttons, zippers, or other accessories. And it goes without saying you’ll need the right piece of furniture for the project.

Strip Away the Old

The first step, of course, is to strip the old upholstery, but make sure to do so carefully. You’ll need to use the old upholstery as a pattern when cutting the new fabric. If you’re dealing with a chair or couch, you’ll notice black netting on the bottom where the upholstery is stapled. Take that out first to loosen the upholstery. From there you can pull the rest of the upholstery and set it aside. You may at this time want to replace the batting. Cut the batting and staple it to the furniture. Finally, tease the batting around the staples to avoid visible staple indents once reupholstered.

Adding In the New

Once your piece is stripped and, in some cases, new batting is added, it’s time to reupholster the furniture. Cut the upholstery fabric to match the pattern of the upholstery you removed. If possible, handle the reupholstery section by section so as to make it less intimidating. Line the new upholstery up carefully and watch out for gaps or awkward folds. When it looks right, secure it with the staple gun and move on to the next section. Soon, your furniture will have a whole new look.  You’ll have all the functional benefit of the original piece, but now it more perfectly suits your aesthetic and comfort.

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