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The living room is perhaps the most used room in the entire house. Your family congregates there after a long day at work and school, or use it to get together with friends and family and to work, play, eat and relax. Every home needs comfortable living room furniture that invites others to sit down and stay for a while.

Couches are the most popular option in the living room with recliners and other living room chairs coming in a close second. While a couch can be a simple two or three person seat, my styling has added different options that suit many different room styles and sizes. Leather and cloth couches can now feature attached recliners, chase lounge options on one or both ends and often come with matching ottomans or foot rests.

For people who take their home movie and television viewing seriously, theater seating can provide the ultimate comfort for enjoying the show. Theater chairs are sturdy, connected seats that usually feature armrests in between each one and even cup holders. They offer space and comfort for every person watching.

Living room furniture begins with seating. A modern home may prefer neat leather recliners with foot rests and holders for your beverages while a more classically styled home may choose a fabric chase lounge or a traditional set of couch, loveseat and armchair. Casual futons, comfortable rockers and convenient storage ottomans can complete your living room with style.