As much as you love your furniture, you probably love your pets more. When you have pets, they’re more than just a pet: they’re part of the family. So while many households have rules about keeping pets off the furniture, others love to share their space with their furry friend. This can be a wonderful feeling, but a little problematic for the furniture over time. Not only is there plenty of hair, but also claws and even teeth if you have a pet that errs towards mischief. But pets and furniture can coexist in some semblance of peace. Here are a few tips to help protect your furniture from your best buddies:

Keep a Towel By the Door

If you have an indoor/outdoor dog, you know the struggle of your dog coming in from a few excited laps around the yard…and promptly tracking mud throughout the house. It can be frustrating to have muddy tracks on the floor. It can be disastrous to get those muddy tracks on your couch or bed. A good practice is to keep a towel right inside the door. As soon as your dog comes in, stop them and wipe down their paws. Eventually as they get into the habit, they’ll stop themselves. Wipe them down and then let them proceed freely into the house.

Opt for Thicker Fabrics

Your pets will occasionally try to climb on furniture, whether they’re allowed or not. If you have cats, it could be doubly problematic because cats like to have something to scratch. That’s why if you have pets you may want to get furniture that’s a little tougher. As nice as that velvet couch looks, canvas or twill will hold up much better. Check out this article from The Spruce about pet-friendly fabrics. You may find some that are actually pretty trendy.

Let Them Get Their Energy Out Elsewhere

Pets can have a lot of energy, and you don’t want them to take that out by tearing or scratching at the furniture. So buy chew toys and scratch posts that allow them to get their energy out on something that’s meant to be torn to shreds. Keep a scratch post near the furniture that your cat tends to frequent and give your pets plenty of playtime. That way, when they decide to curl up with you on the furniture, they’ll be much more docile.

Know When to Set Boundaries

Just because you let your pets on some furniture doesn’t mean they should be allowed on all furniture. Maybe you have an old couch as a family heirloom, or you really don’t like for your pets to hop up on the dining room table. Make sure to train them early on that certain areas are off-limits. That will make them that much more drawn to the furniture you do share with them.

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