As we move into winter, you’ve probably altered the exterior of your home to some extent at least. Maybe you’ve set out some festive lawn decorations or covered your patio furniture. Maybe you’ve done some work on the roof to make sure it’s prepped for the colder months. But what about the interior of your home? Interior design trends change seasonally, and while not everyone wants to make drastic changes to the interior of their home every winter, the occasional change can help you feel warm and cozy indoors despite the weather outside.

Big Florals

Winter might be coming outside, but inside it can still be spring and summer with large floral patterns. Weather it’s oversized floral patterns on wall paper or a wall mural or furniture upholstered with a floral design, this trend is a great way to add color and vibrance to the room along while sticking to softer vibes. Don’t overdo it. One or two large floral accents in the room against rather simple patterns and furniture can really help the florals to shine. A few potted plants on side tables or near a window can be the final touch this look needs.

Warm Jewel Tones

In a blog last month, we talked about jewel tones and their rising popularity. Combine that with the chill of winter and you find people yearning for warm jewel tones. Gold is one of the most popular choices here. Gold evokes a sense of warmth, like sunlight, without being so deep as to absorb all the color in the room. Garnet or amethyst tones will also work well in the room. Jewel tones are quite opulent, so like florals, try not to overdo it. Pick one or two things in the room to draw the eye. A jewel toned sofa or jewel toned walls, along with a smaller accent should do the trick. You can surround it in more muted, neutral pieces to amplify the look.

Natural, Woodsy Looks

Creating a more natural look with the interior of your home can be effective, particularly through the use of natural wood. This is popular throughout autumn, but remains popular in the midst of winter. It can give a living room the feeling of a warm winter lodge. Wooden tables, hardwood floors, perhaps a fireplace, can all add to this feeling. Warm, earthy colors are the best go-to for this look. You can also add decorations like (faux) pinecones or sprigs of berries. This can be perfect not just for winter but for the holidays.


Just like you bundle up during the winter, your interior design could use a few more layers. Consider tossing a cozy throw over the couch. Add another shag pillow on top of the other. Even adding wall art can help this look. Layer contrasting textures as well as complementary colors.

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