If you keep up with interior design trends even a little, you’ve no doubt heard about jewel tones this year. It’s not enough to incorporate purples, reds, and greens. Homeowners are beginning to turn to the opulence of amethyst, ruby, and emerald tones. You can incorporate them anywhere in your home design — on the walls, in the accent pieces, or in your furniture. Jewel tones give a room a rich warmth. If you have a space that feels too empty and cold, jewel tones can be the perfect way to fill it in.

Where to Use Jewel Tones

Jewel tones aren’t exactly new. They’ve been used in bedrooms for years, creating an intimate, comfortable place to relax at the end of the day. The recent trend is that jewel tones are beginning to branch out. The next logical step was living rooms or rooms where you might entertain guests. Jewel tones make a bold impression that can impress friends and family. Studies or home offices can benefit from jewel tones.

People typically still hesitate to use jewel tones in kitchens, dining spaces, or other areas that need plenty of light. However, you can infuse accents of jewel tones in seats, lighting fixtures, or wall art.

Matching Jewel Tones

If you look at different rooms that incorporate jewel tones, you’ll notice that they’re typically not just one tone. In fact, using too much of the same jewel tone can be overwhelming and garish rather than elegant. It’s best to blend different colors. The colors you mix together depend much on the style of the room you want.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that not all jewel tones are dark colors. A light, playful turquoise or sunny gold can be perfect for rooms that rely on natural lighting. Sometimes stark contrast, like deep garnet or ruby and white, can help a room to feel more spacious and contemporary. Deep purples and greens, on the other hand, can feel cosy and homey. Blues and greens often go together to create an aquatic effect.

Jewel Tones and Textures

When it comes to furnitures, there’s also the question of the right fabric to incorporate those jewel tones. Typically, the more elegant the fabric, the better the effect of the jewel tones. For instance, velvet is a favorite texture when it comes to jewel tones. Velvet (or faux velvet, if it’s easier to find) couches, chairs, and even pillows popularly come in jewel tones. Silky fabrics are also well-suited to jewel tones. However, if you find the perfect piece of furniture that doesn’t come in jewel tones or the fabric you want, you can always reupholster to get the effect you want.

Jewel tones can add life and warmth to any room, and with so many different tones, you can find something to suit whatever your style might be. When it comes to finding the right furniture, however, you don’t have to pay an extravagant amount for extravagant colors. Check out Furniture Shack in Bryan, Texas, for our selection of quality furniture at affordable rates. Contact us today or come by our store.